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Our privacy policy is simple. Unless you choose to provide additional information to us, we will collect no personal information about you other than statistical information that can be used to make the site more effective for all our visitors.

Information We Gather

We use Google Analytics to collect and store information about your visit to our site. This information includes:

  • Environmental information such as the location of your IP address, the language you are browsing in, and the technical specifications of the device and browser you are using;
  • Behavioral information such as the date and time of your visit, the pages you visit, links you clicked on the site, and the name of the domain from which you access the Internet (i.e., if you are connecting from a DHS account, or if you are connecting from George Mason University’s domain); and
  • Acquisition information such as the Internet address of the website you came from if it linked you directly to and search terms that you enter into the search tool.

If your browser accepts cookies, we may use a session cookie to learn how many different visitors come to We use this information for statistical purposes and to help us make our site more useful. We do not collect personally identifiable information nor do we sell this data to anyone.

Learn more about how Google Analytics safeguards data.